Tracey M. Kessler was born in Huntington, New York and attended FIT in New York City where she earned her BFA in 1995. She augmented her painting studies at the Instituto de Conservacion y Restauracion de Bienes Culturales in Madrid, Spain.

She began her career in New York City in architecture and interior design and spent the last 25 years working on commercial, residential, and retail projects on both coasts. After launching her own firm in San Francisco, TKID, Tracey decided to follow her passion as an artist and spent the last few years back in New York developing new bodies of work. In 2010, Tracey relocated back to the Mission area of San Francisco and then on to Sausalito, CA.

Her work reflects the calm she finds in the daily interactions and conversations with acquaintances, friends, and family. Though inspired throughout the turbulent times of our modern era, her work (influenced by such artists as Tapies, Twombly, Polke and Burri ) possesses a soothing, calm and organic feel clearly paralleled by her California lifestyle.

Tracey can now be found working in her indoor/outdoor studio in Sausalito.